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Classic Movie Alert: The Third Man Airs Saturday Night

If you’re a fan of classic movies, as I am (just ask my wife and son, who think I’m a relic from an earlier ice age), and you have TCM the cable network, check out “The Third Man,” 6 p.m. Saturday. It’s an absolutely awesome, atmospheric taste of post war Europe.
Director Carol Reed masterfully captures life in a shellshocked post World War II Berlin in this classic thriller about an alcoholic writer who is drawn into a dark and disorienting situation after he travels to Vienna to visit an old friend, only to discover the man was recently killed.
Or so he thinks.
Joseph Cotten has never been better.
And the great Orson Welles plays Harry Lime, about as complex a character as you’ll ever see on the screen.
But of course, you can also enjoy the haunting zither theme by Anton Karas.


Get Thee to the Tube Tonight: A Classic and a Soon-to-be Classic Doc

Two great shows tonight probably would be worth your time.
First, on ESPN’s series of documentaries, something to coincide with Thursday’s college football draft.
The focus is on the year 1983, when the crop of quarterbacks joining the pro ranks was considered exceedingly rich, from John Elway to Dan Marino.9:30 p.m., ESPN
Ken Rodgers of NFL Films presents this look back at the class of ’83 – and 30 years later, when the 2013 draft is held later this week, the quarterback pickings look a lot slimmer.
Second up is for those cablers who have TMC. Remember when you were a kid and saw Treasure Island?This is the 1950 Disney version of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson story. Not the best of movies, or most polished, certainly – but if you saw it as a kid, wow, was it enthralling. Robert Newton steals the show, pirate-like, as Long John Silver.
Great movie. Arrrg.