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Star Trek Into Darkness is a Rousing Adventure

I’m not sentimental about movies that are based on old TV shows. For example, I’m not salivating at the prospect of seeing the revamped Lone Ranger, with Johnny Depp as Tonto. I mean, is it a comedy or what?

But the new Star Trek Into Darkness, which follows on the heels of the re-imagined Star Trek movie of 2009, rocks.

I loved it. It is pure rock candy. A rousing adventure with a great villain (played by Benedict…whatshislastname) and lots of action.

Sure there are sappy moments — I won’t reveal what for those who plan on seeing the movie — and several nods to the old William Shatner as Kirk shows.

But as pure entertainment, director J.J. Abrahms knows what he is doing.

Which gives me great hopes for his next directing assignment: Star Wars, chapter 7.