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New Show on SciFi, Defiance…and Dallas Ends its Seasonal Run on TNT


Here are my picks for Tonight’s best shows….keeping in mind the fact that I love SciFi and DALLAS

9 p.m., SYFY CHANNEL: Defiance — This new series is set in 2046, when Earth has been transformed and its landscape permanently altered by the arrival of seven alien races. Viewers follow an immersive character drama set in the boomtown of Defiance, which sits atop the ruins of St. Louis, while in a corresponding video game, players experience the frontier of the San Francisco Bay Area.

10 p.m., CBS: Hawaii Five-0 — As McGarrett and Catherine (Alex O’Loughlin and Michelle Borth) cross into North Korea to retrieve a fallen friend’s remains, he tells her about his last mission there in this new episode, a prequel to the show’s pilot.

10 p.m., TNT: Dallas — Season 2 wraps up with back-to-back episodes. After Bobby (Patrick Duffy) reveals more of J.R.’s master plan to John Ross and Pamela (Josh Henderson, Julie Gonzalo) and asks for their help, the family unites to execute the plan.

If you’re like me, you miss Larry Hagman…his J.R. was one of TV’s icons…. a great bad guy…

Happy viewing