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A Night “Out of the Past”

The other night, after my shift at the newspaper, I relaxed by watching TV until about 2 in the morning. The occasion was the showing , on Turner Classic Movies, of OUT OF THE PAST, starring Robert Mitchum, an epic noire.

If you saw Against All Odds (starring Jeff Bridges) you’d like this movie because it’s the original. “Odds” is a remake of Out of the Past.

The story is basically the same. But what I like best is the atmosphere…and the black and white film. Mitchum is a former detective who is dragged back into an assignment by a hood, Kirk Douglas (before he was a big star).

Mitchum is sent out to find a woman who has run away from Douglas. But when he finds her, he falls in love with her. And it gets a whole lot better after that.

If you can find the movie on DVD, check it out.

It you hear about it playing on TCM again, mark it on your schedule.



Mitchum, here is at his best.