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Another Stephen King Novel Brought to Life: Under the Dome

This is one I’ll try not to miss, being a Stephen King fan.

A limited series, Under the Dome premieres June 24, 10 p.m. on CBS. If you’ve read the book, you’ll like the show…but don’t expect an exact chapter by chapter replay. The show is based on the King book, taking the characters and going in directions that the book doesn’t.

Which is fine by King, who worked with exec. producer Stephen Spielberg’s Amblin Productions on the show.

For those who aren’t familiar, there are no smoke monsters or sideways timelines, Dome does focus on a group of survivors — anchored by drifter Dale “Barbie” Barbara (Bates Motel‘s Mike Vogel), journalist Julia Shumway (Twilight‘s Rachelle Lefevre), frisky candy striper Angie McAlister (Secret Circle‘s Britt Robertson) and local councilman/megalomaniac Big Jim Rennie (Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris) — who are cut off from the rest of mankind after a violent, life-altering experience.

In this case, thanks to King’s diabolical imagination, it’s not a plane crash but the sudden appearance of an almost undetectable bubble over the town. And like the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815, Baer says, the folks of Chester’s Mill “come together…in the beginning.”

After the initial shock, however, it becomes one of those situations where life as you know it can no longer continue. Changes must be made, and a lot of those shifts are internal. Battle lines get drawn.

And bad things begin to happen.

As you might expect.