Get Ready for May Sweeps… When Networks Roll Out Some of Their Top Shows…and Don’t Forget Those Cliffhangers

I love May.

On TV, it’s the last of the ratings periods until next September, which means we get to see cliffhangers, movies, specials — anything to get big ratings, which translates to advertising dollars.

There is no secret that this year was sort of a bomb, when it comes to new shows.

I liked Arrow, on the WB. Pretty cool show.

But I can’t think of many other NEW shows that I liked.

Cable TV had some great stuff… mostly old, like Game of Thrones, Vikings, Justified.

What was your favorite? Was there anything new this year that you liked?

Tell me what you think.

But in the meantime, sit back. Enjoy May.

I’m off until Friday. So tune in then for some previews of shows this coming weekend.



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