Football Fanatics: It’s Draft Day Thursday

You have to be a real football nerd (like I am) you’ll be parked in front of your TV, ESPN on the dial…watching the parade of college football players being picked by the pros.

Who will your favorite team pick?

I think the cool thing is all the speculation about players most of us have never heard of…and ESPN’s panel of experts talking about who might turn out to be good pros…and teams that had “bad” drafts.

I’m an Eagles fan, so I’ll hold my breath when it comes time for them to make their picks.

Anyway, it’s a fun evening for sports fans, but you really have to be into football to spend four, five hours glued to the set for this.

To me, this is the first step in the next season…so I say, bring it on.

And I wonder who the first pick will be? Even more fun are the lower round picks…and the surprise picks. I mean, after all, wasn’t Tom Brady a 6th round pick?



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