R.I.P. Roger Ebert

I was saddened to hear of film critic Roger Ebert’s passing this Thursday, April 4.

Ebert was a pioneer in movie criticism on TV. I remember back when he, a Pulitzer Prize winning Chicago Sun Times film critic, joined with fellow Chicago critic Gene Siskel to debate the worth of new movies every week.

The show was tremendously successful and spawned hundreds of other TV critics on the movies.

But there was only on Ebert. He was of the generation that produced such star movie reviewers as Andrew Sarris (The Village Voice) and Pauline Kael (The New Yorker). But what I liked most about Ebert was that he reviewed pop movies…liked them…and even wrote one or two.

I once wrote a magazine article about America’s top movie critics. Ebert was never full of himself.

He wrote for the average movie goer; I also read Sarris when I was a kid. I read him avidly. He was like a walking history of movies. But he was arrogant. High brow.

Which Ebert never was.

Even in recent years, after surviving throat cancer, his observations were brilliant. I’ll miss reading him.

I’ll miss seeing him on TV.

R.I.P. Roger.


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