“The Job,” : Nothing But a Downsized Version of “The Apprentice” and Not as Much Fun

I’m not a big fan of “CBS’s (check your local stations and cable system) “The Job” which to me is a watered down version of “The Apprentice.”

Not surprisingly, the show is produced by the same folks behind Donald “You’re Fired” Trump’s Apprentice.

I have nothing against reality shows, per se, but this one seems like it is exploiting our national fear of being unemployed.

Recently, contestants competed (in a very Apprentice like way) to get a job as an assistant manager at a famous restaurant in NYC.

But as I watched the show, I started getting this nagging feeling that it was one big Infomercial for the restaurant in question. And I found that annoying.

What do you think? I’m interested in your opinion….but hurry up, because based on what I’ve seen so far, the staff of “The Job” may themselves be unemployed soon.


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